Registration Fee: $25 per student; $35 per family.

Hours & Installments: Tuition based on hours per week per calendar session.

45 min-1 $65
1.5 $85
2 $105
2.5 $125
3 $145
3.5 $165
4 $185
4.5 $195
5 $205
5.5 $215
6+ $225

Installment Payment Plan: Collected monthly by check or auto-draft.

Adult Punch Card: $120 for 8 hours. (Must be 18 or older)

Discounts & Credits

Full Semester Payment: 10% discount. (To get this total, take the installment amount and multiply times the number of installments in that session and then subtract 10% of that total.)

Family Discount: 10% off 2nd child. (Discount taken on the lesser tuition. Applies to both full and installment payment.)

Professional Discount: For professional dancers only, inquire in the office.

Performance Fees

Costume Fee: $60 – $80 range per student per class.

Refund Policy & Dropping Classes

Registration, Costume and Performance Fees: Never refunded.

Missed Classes: There is no prorating of tuition due to absences.

Holidays: Not factored into tuition amount. Make-up classes are encouraged, but must be taken within the same session.

Refunds for Classes:

Prior to first lesson 100% refund
Withdrawal within first two weeks 60% refund
Withdrawal within first three weeks 40% refund
Withdrawal within first four weeks 20% refund

NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN AFTER THE FIRST 4 WEEKS OF CLASSES FOR ANY REASON, but unused prorated tuition will be issued in the form of an account credit toward future dance classes (not merchandise). Credit is not transferable.

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS GIVEN DURING THE LAST 6 WEEKS OF ANY SESSION. If you choose to drop a class, you must submit this in writing. Withdrawal date will be the date that corresponds with the date of your written withdrawal.

Upon registration you will be required to complete an agreement about the tuition policy and indicate your choice of payment. This document also contains the electronic funds transfer (bank draft) agreement.