Artistic Direction

All dancers should continue to grow in their technical ability and artistry throughout their careers. Many dancers have become complacent in their pursuit of technical mastery and ability to express themselves through movement. Training and choreography have become about the product and less about the process of creating. The result is dancers that move with inefficiency, risk of injury, and lack of an organic connection to the intent behind the choreography. This started as a trend, became a movement, and now defines an entire era of dance. The carefully preserved tradition of classical ballet is slowly deteriorating and there are fewer and fewer qualified people to save it from disappearing. Returning to the process of refining technique and approaching choreography through purposeful contemplation is the challenge for every dancer. Leading them requires a leader that can educate, inspire, and boldly hold to the ideals of the art form. AMDE is fortunate to have such leadership.

Melanie Kregel

Melanie S. Kregel
Artistic Director

Melanie is the owner of Metamorphosis Dance Academy and co-founder of Austin Metamorphosis Dance Ensemble. Melanie began her training in Victoria, Texas with Debbe Busby and continued there as a member of Victoria Ballet Theatre from 1984 to 1993. She has done summer study at the Boston Ballet and The Joffrey Workshop TX. She holds a B.A. in Dance Pedagogy from Butler University.

Heather Meeboer

Heather Meeboer
Assistant Artistic Director, Junior Company

Heather trained at The Georgia Ballet and Atlanta Ballet’s Centre for Dance Education. She continued her dance studies in college, attending Brenau University and Point Park University before completing her BFA in Classical Ballet from Radford University under the direction of Inessa Plekhanova.